Welcome to Solutii Decon Pte Ltd.

In 2018, we worked exclusively with AeroClave USA to promote the Ambulance Decontamination System for the local ambulance fleet. It was with this successful collaboration on 108 ambulances that spearheaded us onto our next phase, “Decontamination and Purification”.

Solutii Decon Pte Ltd was incorporated to drive this business venture, providing our customers with recognized technologies that are safe for the people and environment.

Disinfection and sanitizing of personnel, equipment and rooms will be the new norm. We supply disinfection equipment and safe solutions for all industries.

Contact us on your requirements for:

a) Electrostatic Handheld Sprayers.

b) Automatic decontamination machines (Misting/Fogging).

c) EPA registered hospital disinfectant cleaner.